Are you sure you are logged in to the site with the correct email ID? If the correct email ID and password are used and you have a stable internet connection, the course content will play automatically.

  • However, if you can't access the course, check the below listed:

    • Is the email id the same as what you had used for course purchase? To check this, check if you have received a course purchase email after making the purchase. If not,  it could mean that you entered an incorrect email ID and made the purchase. 

    • Do you have a stable internet connection? Try opening another site such as Wikipedia etc. Is the page loading instantly or taking time? Delay in opening the page could also mean slow internet.

In case you have used the wrong email ID to make the purchase, please reach out to us with the proof of the payment and we will help you sort this. In case you are able to remember the wrong email ID used, please log in with that and change it to the correct email ID in the profile section later. 

In case you still face issues, please reach out to us at